Saturday, December 19, 2009

In Loving Memory of Todd Gilbert

I truely do not know where to begin many thought are just running around. Todd was such a great guy, and I learned so much from him. Probably the thing I remember the most is that he was always would get the paper, open it to the obituaries, and see if his name was there, if it wasnt then it was "a good day". I think what he meant was "It was a good day for us here on Earth, but it would be the best day when he in heaven with Heavenly Father". He was always so good to his wife. Even if Janine burned it, he would eat it. Ha ha because he knew if he didn't eat it then it wasn't the best, that he wouldn't get any when it was delicious. In Sunday school every year we would have a lesson about what makes a happy household. We would have slips of paper, and he would have us put the ones with good sayings in the bowl, and he would mix it with his famous hook. Then when he was done, he would pull out the cookies, and wa la! ha ha He never hesitated to ask you a question when you weren't paying attention. We would check the Stock Market, and mysteriously I always had the highest stock. He always seemed to be the happiest guy,and he could make your day by just rubbing his bald head, and smiling that cowboy smile at you. You begin Todd's Sundays School class when you are 12, and leave his class when you move away to college. He was such a good teacher, and never made you feel like a lowlife, or singled out. He did, however, make sure you were paying attention, and he would always make you do something that brought out your talents. Todd was such a great example to many, and a little part od him will live on inside of all that knew him:]

Thanks so much for everything Todd,
Jessica (I am finally out of the Brain Dead Age)

Monday, December 14, 2009


Just been thinking about eyebrows today! They are so crazy! they just like sit there on your face, and make you look like a cave man. When you need tweezers, they are always missing! ugh!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

School, Work and Holidays!

Hey all!

  • So...well I don't love my new job, but I definately love the people there! ha ha Fred and Jordan! They treat me like I am their little sister when I am 2 years younger than them. lol. It is so fun! I still have to deal with the cranky people sometimes, but that's just life.

  • I opened a bank account, and I can't wait for my pink checks and card! yay!

  • Well I am kind of behind in school, but I am catching up! I am not going to even consider falling behind next semester!

My birthday is in like 8 days! I cant wait!
I love you all:]
Smile big always!