Monday, January 4, 2010


1st things 1st: to clue everyone in, I am going to an online Highschool. It is by far the worst thing I could have done to my self. I mean seriously, the books are even online. Ugh....problem. It is way to hard to stare at the screen and read, how do they expect people to do it on a regular basis. I am going crazy!! Now, that is enough of the complaining part. I think I just miss having a book, and people. ha ha SO I am going to go to a traditional school.

Pros of Online School:
appearance doesnt matter
you cant be late
you dont have to be sent to the principle office
you can do your school whenever and where ever

Cons of online school:
No textbooks
Cant raise your hand to ask a question
self motivated
give you 14 days after the assignment is due to hand it in
too easy to get distracted on computer

:] xoxo Jessica

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